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Alberto Varela

It has always been something extraordinary to belong to that minority of people in the world who enjoy jazz.

And it has always been  great to find  other  people in the world who like that kind of   music.
In recent years the internet has made it possible to communicate with jazz lovers all over the world.

For Billie Holiday fans there is a group  <bholiday mailing list>  holiday@lists.spunge.org where members ask and answer questions about  Lady Day.

One important member is Alberto Varela (photo top right) who has  made a Billie Holiday sessionography for download and recently he  has offered his online sessionography. Both are very helpful when you want to verify facts about Billie's recordings. 

  My own Billie Holiday  record collection contains about 600 different recordings,  most of them on CD, some rare ones only on LP.


Six of the nine CDs "The Quintessential Billie Holiday" covering all the Columbia work from 1933 to 1942
a must for every fan

My favourite songs:

Title recording date Album
The Very Thought of You (Noble) Sep 15 1938 Quintessential vol 6
You Go To My Head (Coots/Gillespie) May 11 1938 Quintessential vol 6
Any Old Time (Artie Shaw) July 24 1938 Spiegel Jazz Vol 10
Jim (Petrillo/Ross/Shawn) Aug 7 1941 Quintessential vol 9
I'll look around (Cory / Cross) Apr 6 1946 The Complete Decca Recordings
I Cover The Waterfront (Green/Heyman) Oct 1953 The Storyville Concerts
I thought about you (Van Heusen / Mercer) Sep 3 1954 Lady Sings the Blues
For All We Know (Lewis / Coots) Feb 19 1958 Lady in Satin CBS
Many ballads - yes. But I like the fast things, too

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