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The men around Billie
Besides Billie Holiday I like and enjoy the music of quite a lot of other jazz musicians from the past and the present.

First of all, there are those people who accompanied Billie in the course of her career.
On many of the early (Columbia) recordings Billie sings with pianist Teddy Wilson.
Actually, most of her 1935 recordings were with "Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra".
Listen to
"I Wished on the Moon" or "A Sunbonnet Blue" and you will know ...

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Ben Webster (ts) and Buck Clayton (tp) were among Billie's sidesmen from early on, too. Billie had had an affair with Ben in 1935 and she admired Buck "as a man".
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Roy Eldridge (tp) and Barney Kessel (g) were with Billie on recordings from the 1930s and the 1950s respectively.
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