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What's new in JAZZ and other  music?
July 2002

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Alanis Morissette


June Christy
Not necessarily new in the literal sense of the word but new in my discman - when I run.
Alanis's new album Under Rug Swept is No 1 in the charts and contains a number of good songs... Of course "hands clean", but also "flinch"....
Diana Krall is my favourite living jazz singer.
When I look in your eyes is more jazzy than The look of love but both albums present a talented singer at her best.
The fact that she married Elvis Costello in 2003 made me curious about that man, of whom I knew not much more than the name.
Here are the results.
"Nobody sings like June Christy, and that's the way it's gonna be." That's what AFN radio announcers used to say when they presented her in the 1950s. "Midnight Sun", "Something Cool" or "When Sunny gets blue" are just a few examples of her singing in the cool and casual manner that became her trademark.
Another new album: Leonard Cohen: Ten New Songs

Diana Krall

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Leonard Cohen