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Oktober 2002 -- only pop/rock this time

Rod Stewart and the Stones

stewart.jpg (22K) For the first time in his career Rod Stewart has recorded standards from the "American Song Book".
We learn from the CD notes - and experience while listening - that he has been familiar with these songs for a long time.
Ten of the fourteen songs were also recorded by Billie Holiday, whom he names (along with Sam Cooke) as his favourite.
This album (which was only published three days ago (Oct 22) is a must for every Rod Stewart fan.
I'm looking forward to the critcal comments....


Can you imagine that there is not one single Rolling Stones album in my collection, while I own everything by the Beatles and by Genesis?
Of course, I used to enjoy "Angie", "Satisfaction" and "Sympathy with the Devil"...
But I never thought of buying anything.

Here is my first Stones album ......
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