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Elvis Costello
July 2009
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Diana Krall and Elvis Costello
The most curious wedding in show biz (2003) made me curious about the husband - while I knew the wife quite well.
Then I discovered the album "Piano Jazz" with Marian McPartland and Elvis.....
And the man proved to be an eloquent and competent songwriter / singer ...

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Did you know....
  • ...that Elvis sang the Aznavour Song "She" in the movie "Notting Hill"?
  • ...that his birth name was Declan MacManus and he changed it to his mother's name "Costello"?
  • ...that his father Ronald Ross MacManus was a be-bop trumpeter and later a singer with Joe Loss, a famous British band after the war?
  • ...that "Il Sogno", Costello's first full length, orchestral work, was originally commissioned in 2000 by the Italian Dance Company, Aterbaletto, for their adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
  • ...that Elvis worked with the Brodsky Quartet to produce the album "The Juliet Letters"?
  • ...that the great Lee Konitz plays alto sax on "Someone Took The Words Away" (North)?

...to be continued
north (47K)

an album with ballads (2003)
with hints at Diana??
annesofie (40K)

on five songs of this album with
classical songs Elvis sings with
mezzo-soprano star
Anne Sofie von Otter (2001)


...new things have happened
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delta blues 2006
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country music 2009
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